That's how I would describe H&M's next collaboration due to hit selected stores and their website on 3rd November 2016, the thought brings back memories of the last launch (BALMAINxHM)  which broke the Internet within minutes! Not being able to get any of the pieces from that collection broke my heart as there were so many pieces I really wanted but life got in the way and lucky me ended up sitting in the doctors waiting room on the day of the launch with poor phone reception and desperately trying to make my purchases online which was both frustrating and just added to my ill health, sadly yielding no results other than high blood pressure.

Unfortunately this year's collaboration is not to my taste and even though I can afford to, I am not camping outside H&M with the rest of the crazy fashionistas.  But if however I had to pick then I would get the pieces below.



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Lisa R. Knickerbocker said...

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