I wanted so much to be part of the clique.  I tried so hard to please them, I wanted so much to please them, the further they drifted the more I tried.  I thought perhaps if I behaved like them I would be accepted so I stopped being myself and consequently stopped loving and appreciating myself. It pleased them for a while, just a short while, but then they never appreciated me, never accepted me.   Still I held on, but the grip got loose and so I held on tighter, but the tighter I held on, the less tight the grip became.   Left with no choice I let go and by so doing I re-discovered self love,  I learnt to appreciate myself, to just be myself and because I posed something different to whom they expected me to be, they became curious, they wanted to know more... They wanted to be closer to me.

By learning to love myself and just being me I drew in the ones that mattered.  

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