Every cloud has a silver lining and Monday's cloud shouldn't be any different. Its no secret that Monday is the most hated day of the week, possibly because its what separates your weekend from the working week and switching back to work-mode is a mission. Like everything else its all about your mindset and by changing your mindset to a positive one Monday just might become your favourite day of the week.

Starting Over 
See it as a fresh start especially if the previous week was a disappointing one and challenge yourself to come up with more innovative ways to make your job and the week more interesting


Take it as another opportunity to show off your capabilities.  Remember you can't do that sat at home.

A chance to engage / exercise your brain


Think of all the money you would have spent partying if the weekend was any longer


Let it motivate you to search for a Job You Love if you are not happy in the current one


Remember its about the mindset and its all in your hands. But if all else fails then there's always retail therapy!

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