Unfortunately for the younger generation born into a life of social media, the internet and phone apps, several aspects of their life can be influenced heavily and 'dare I say' negatively by their interaction with the internet and social media and without any supervision the consequences can be severe.  However for the older, mature and supposedly wiser we have  the power to decide whether the internet makes us or breaks us and have the ability to realize the Goldmine that is the internet and social media.

This topic is being included in our 'Monday-Motivation' series because one of the most common form of escapism in the workplace is the internet especially for those with an office based job or have access to the internet and are struggling to get back into the 'work-routine' on Monday. They will in most cases spend a lot of time on the internet / social media, the most frequented sites probably being World News, Celebrity Gossip, Sports and Facebook. Today challenge yourself to tap into this goldmine to motivate and empower yourself via these links.

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