Unless you have convinced yourself that anything related to the fashion industry is really blaah, a waste of time and doesnt have anything to do with your existence or you have lived under a rock for the last few months then you would know that H&M is collaborating with one of the biggest fashion houses and the collecition is due to release in November.

Now in case you belong to the select few I have mentioned above then let me educate you... For the last couple of years H&M have been collaborating with big designers such as Versace, Marni, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang to bring high-end designs to the high-street at affordable prices.  Now it is debatable whether the quality is actually high end but for the fashionista wannabes who yearn for quality over quantity but unfortunately operate on a high-street store budget then this is like marna from heaven.  It just feels good knowing that you are wearing something that (in this case) Olivier Rousteing had a hand in constructing.  The challenge though is getting your hands on the collection...

The collection hits a few select stores and online on Thursday 5 November and if previous collaborations are anything to go by then the collection will sell out before the store even opens because some crazy fashionistas or opportunist (who plan on reselling) will have camped outside overnight and so if you are planning on 'popping' in during your lunch break then you might as well not bother, instead book the day off, sleeping bags at the ready, arrange a babysitter if you need to   and get ready to elbow a fashionista or two in your quest to lay your hands on at least one item.... or if you are opting for the online route then make sure you have a working and reliable laptop/PC, WIFI on point, no distractions and loads of patience although chances of the website crashing or you being stuck in a queue are higher than you actually laying your hands on the collection....

Either that or just buy off eBay at ten times the price... The choice is yours!


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