Oh but you can...

So even though I haven't really understood why prices need to be so astronomical when it comes to high-end designer items, the quality is definitely worth part of that cost and the fact that not every 5th person you come across is wearing the same outfit is probably worth another fraction of that price... Still can't justify the rest of the cost though.

We all secretly and openly want to own designer items and whilst for some owning these items is like owning highstreet brands for most this luxury is oh but just a dream! which... could come true.... if you have a well paying 9-5 job, have no responsibilities or bills and can survive on bread and water for a few months then by all means splurge... In my opinion a better option than resorting to fake items. That or if you don't mind wearing pre-loved items or acquiring the items several seasons later then there's always pre-loved designer websites or sales and designer outlets....  A few websites come to mind .....

TK Max Gold Label



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