My dad's army is made up of strong, intelligent, ambitious, determined, hardworking, caring women who would go to any lengths to protect the ones they love.  Commander In Chief is mum aka Gogaz(Grandma) and then we all fall in with our different ranks depending on the situation.  A fundamental part of my dad's army is the knowledge that the battle is never within the camp but on the outside and that mindset helps maintain peace within camp.

Growing up Dad was always strict but who can blame him having three girls to look out for and even though I have never really had a conversation with him on how he felt about having just daughters or how he kept his sanity living with four women, I know that he is proud of his army, even more so that mum has let out a secret on the never ending 'gushings' and repeat stories of 'His Girls' to everyone/thing that will listen.

The one thing I know for sure that he never understood and still doesn't is '"All that spending on unnecessary clothing items?!?!" because as far as he's concerned people should only wear clothes to cover up and stay warm and because of that I'm glad he's not the head of  this army's dresscode... because in this army we wear our camouflage with heels and bright colours.

In my head I've totally got spring covered... the camouflage, the yellow, the sunshine, a massive thank you to Mr Weatherman for the totally spring weather - 7 / 8 degrees.  sounds like nothing but when you've spent  close to 3 months battling with temperatures hovering on zero or below, the slightest warm weather and the coats are back in storage....  needless to say we were back for them the very next day...
H&M  Jeans
ZARA   Blazer
TOPSHOP  Leather Jacket, Shoes 
RAYBAN  Aviators
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i.s. said...

such a fan of camo x

Carmen B. said...

That jacket is so cool!