Third week back at work,  Less sleep.  More month at the end of my money… Happy 2015!  

Sometimes you wonder if there is really any point in ending one year and starting another?  Life would be less stressful if the days/months just rolled by.  No year end, no having to deal with closures, no fresh starts or new year’s resolutions we never really stick to anyway and definitely no cash strapped January! 

 And as if January doesn't have its fair share of problems mainly the dreaded financial woe aka January disease, winter in England is at its peak so its constant dealing with minus temperatures, runny noses, frozen fingers and SADness.   The nightmare begins from when my alarm goes off at 0630hrs what seems to be midnight, then continues on to dragging the duvet with me into the shower, scraping the (insert censored word here) ice off the car, to dealing with minus temperatures (no waking up from this nightmare!).   Then there is the issue of trying to keep the balance between dressing warm and not looking like a michelin tyre mascot.... I guess that's when this swing coat comes in handy.  Sadly the coat itself is not warm but will thankfully fit my entire skinny-top/jumper collection under it.  

The tee.... a whole new post in the making. stay tuned.     
The skirt... Designed in such a way that the only way you will be able to walk in it is by swinging your hips so buy at your own peril.  

H&M  Skirt
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Stay Faaaabulous!


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