Skinny, Boyfriend, Flare, Mom, Cut offs, Distressed, Destroyed, Embilshed....  
Denim is like a fashion revolution on its own, been around for like forever and not going going anywhere either.  Denim graces the closets of the high and mighty, world leaders, style icons, ordinary people and all age groups.  Comes in all shape and forms and probably everyones casual run-to clothing item.

In the last article I spoke about HISshirt, today its about HISjeans.  I figured why buy boyfriend-jeans when you can just wear HISjeans... okay perhaps not the best option considering they are miles bigger and longer but hey nothing a bit of alteration, a belt and extreme cuffs cannot fix!  Not the most attractive jeans I'll admit but heels always pretty them up I think.  Now if we could have a moment for those shoes please.. Thank you Mr Edelman x.

ZARA   Shirt
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