Getting Ready With Social Media

Okay so its Saturday and time to hang out with the bffs and all that's left is to get ready and have a great day out, oh but wait a minute! you need to instagram the outfit first, and perhaps take another for twitter.  Okay now that that's done time to get ready and remember makeup and hair has to be perfect for all those facebook and instagram photos.  Finally, already running behind time you are ready but hey since you are already late you might as well squeeze in another instagram photo showing #ootd (outfit of the day) or is it #whatimwearing??
Gone are the days when getting ready to go out consisted of a bath, makeup, perfume and clothes. Bring in social media and now it also includes a photo of the outfit, a photo of you getting ready and a gazillion more after getting dressed, enroute and throughout the day.  Even more so if you are a blogger or youtuber then you have to incorporate a complete photo shoot and filming into the occasion of which by then your friends are ready to disown you!

Welcome to the life of a blogger...

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Stay Faaaaaabulous!!!


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Cecilia White said...

great post! You've got a beautiful blog! would you love to follow each other? :) let me know on my blog! xoxo Cecilia