The beauty of vintage finds is that in most cases you are the only person who owns that item.  and what i love most about thrifting, car-boot sales, flea markets etc is the unearthing, the discovery.  Its like being on a treasure hunt and being the first to come across the treasure.

I don't thrift much but when I do it has to be at a car boot sale on a sunny day..  Am not too sure what excites me most, strolling in the sunshine, rummaging through all sorts of amazing things or whether its actually finding little treasures.  Such was the other Sunday when I came across this little bag which looked like it had seen better days but still had much more to give.  I'm not too sure what I love most about this bag but the worn look and the lining definitely won me over.  Here's a peak into the little treasure and what I have been carrying in it.
COW.COM VINTAGE sunglasses
MAC facepowder
MAXFACTOR lipgloss
YSL elle perfume


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