In Between the Lines

One of my challenges as a blogger (there are several) is trying to find interesting locations for taking photos and then having the confidence to get the photos taken in front of hoards of prying eyes.  I read on one blog that sometimes they actually drive out of town in search of that perfect location.

Lately I keep a mental note of certain areas when I come across them and as long as I can convince the photographer (usually my sister) then its a done deal.. Sometimes its pure luck that en route somewhere we stumble across a good enough location and such was the case with this shoot. I immediately fell in love with this 'pedestrain' bridge if you like, that we had a mini photo-shoot, and the best thing was there were hardly any people around!  
The outfit? well  mixing stripes and brights is one of my spring favourite and this blazer from Zara is one of my best buys from 2012.. had never worn it with the zips open before and I like how it transforms the look.


Esther Gbudje said...

Love the look especially the blazer

Gina said...

wow, you look gorgeous :)

libys11 said...

that is an amazing and unique blazer!! the color, the silhouette, the fit is perfection!!

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Greta* said...

pretty outfit;)x