So ever since I heard Rihanna was designing a capsule for River Island I eagerly waited for it.  Not necessarily to buy the collection but to see whether it was worth the palaver.  Obviously two things went through my mind... That it was actually another designers work being guided by Rihanna or RiverIsland using Rihanna's name to get more sales,  either way you can all agree with me it was a highly anticipated collection.

Thanks to LFW live streaming online I was able to watch her show last night and apart from the runway setup I was actually disappointed.  I am not sure what it was I was hoping to see but the choice of music just ruined it for me before I even got to see the collection.  The music was all about bitches and n***ers, and so many other nastiness.. and then the collection itself was just basic really, just something you would come across in any highstreet stores.

Now off course most of her fans if not all and fashionistas/bloggers out there will elbow each other for this collection, I really do not share the same sentiments.  I may end up owning one or two items but I definitely will not go out of my way for them.

And now onto a much more important subject.... Here's the winner of the H&M clutch

Congratulations to comment number 8, Gabriele of  Totally Vogue.
Thank you to everyone who took part....


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great post! love your blog.
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Arianna Gallo said...

nice collection!



Gabriele said...

Yay, thank you!! :) I sent you the details to your e-mail.

Oh and I was actually trying to look for this collection at River Island yesterday but don't think it was out yet.. I'm probably Rihanna's biggest fan and this is very exciting, hopefully I wont be disappointed.


Nicoleta_B said...

Absolutely love it.

Have a great week!




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amazinggggggggggggg Love dis xx


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Veraanda said...

Thank you for your comment and for the invitation to follow!
Now I'm your new follower, I hope for your reciprocity!

♡my blogspot - www.veraanda.blogspot.ru

Anouk Lannoo said...

I don't really like the collection but Riri needs a stylist herself so that explains a lot :)

Love, A.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Was gonna check out her collaboration x River Island, just saw it now on your post and yup I expected much more.

I like the crop tops and thigh high splits for summer.



Heather said...

Love the edgy styles!

Pearls & Paws

colibri esverdeado said...

Thanks dear, I'm your new follower too, gfc and bloglovin! Have a great week :) *

Caroline Topperman said...

It looks like a pretty amazing collection!

Mira said...

Love that black long skirt :-)