Tale of the Zara Blazer

So the first time I saw this blazer I just had to have it.... well that was till I saw the price tag!  There was nooooo way I was going to pay that amount for a blazer that due to colour and style was only limited to spring/summer!! So for the first time in my '"fashion'" life I exercised patience and decided to leave it till their sale started....  Which off course was silly because apparently due to the attention it got in the blogsphere  and a few celebrities being spotted in it, it literally flew of the rails in store.  Regardless I waited till the sale started in the hope that it would still be available...  Missed it online (as the sale started a few hours earlier) then made an effort to get to the closest store which is like 30minutes drive away........ Aaaaaaargghh missed it again!!! Aparantly sold out before the sale even started (((didn't believe them)))) bet they hid them all for themselves and their mates when the price went down...... been there, done that(when i used to work in retail.....Zara infact!! talk about Karma!)

Aaannnnywho this is when knowing the right people in the right place matters... Placed that now desperate call to friends and family across the country and finally got one in Aberdeen, discounted further cause person works in the store........ I'm in Coventry, UK by the way so not too far lol!!!

Anyway here @afr0chic we are excited about this new buy and cannot wait to rock it.

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Mik said...

I Love Zara. I got two tweeds, one in black and the other is greyish! Good choice


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kuti said...

waow.. i love the blazer too.. but like you told, the price is killing.. and waow now you got it.. i really like that blazer..


Lolita in the Mix said...

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Wendy said...

I have the same blazer, lucky a friend of mine is working at Zara. So when the sales started se get it for me :)

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