Eyes Wide Shut

Nearly every girl no matter what age always looks forward to dressing up, be it for a date or night-out, and so when afr0chic was invited to attend the Fusion Annual Ball the prospect of 'dressing up' got us more excited than the actual event itself...
As it was a masquerade ball we wanted to stay away from the usual black, white or gold that usually make up most of 'formal event' outfits and went for this peach prom dress from Unique Boutique, paired it with these Next blue/snake print island heels, blue Debut clutch and gosh! the trouble we went to just to get  the perfect mask!!?!

Held at the 'Burghley House' Stamford, the venue itself was breathtaking!! and the entertainment was just as brilliant! Definitely a night to remember!!

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True said...

Love the dress on u!