Afrotv Launch

March 31st marked the official launch of AfroTV, a UK based African internet television channel that provides its viewers with quality, entertaining and educational programmes.  It also aims to promote African talent that is often sidelined by the mainstream media with a special focus on African musicians and African film makers.  My bestie the amazing Sibongile Tamia is the driving force behind this channel and she has been working tirelessly for a while now to make sure this venture is a success.  The launch was held in London and it was an honour to be part of this event which was all about  honouring the hard work being put in by the AfrotTV team, networking, motivation, fun and good food.  I did not get a chance to take any photos but managed to get these from AfroTV's facebook page.
The amazing Sibongile...

With the lovely hosts... check out  for more from the night and what the channel is all about.
with K one of my besties and a presenter on Afrotv 

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