Twenty-Eleven Framed

So even though I am still a baby blogger (since August)... blogging is now my new found love and will continue to be.... For my last post for 2011, I thought I would post these photos that incorporate my only two sisters and the highlights of 2011. Which were my trip to South Africa, seeing my family again after a loooooonng time!!! and my sisters wedding in June.....
Yours truly is in the middle pic and the other two ladies are my sisters and we are each others rock.  My prayer for the three of us for this coming year is for God's hand upon us always and achievements beyond our imagination!!.

To my new found blog-friends and those to come I wish you an incredible 2012... And may you also achieve much more than you ever imagined!!


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Chari T said...

A HAPPY 2012 TO YOU... =D happy blogging!!!!!!
much love
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo