Hair Raising!!!

So I am totally in love with the famous 'Red Soles' no actually with the man himself for his creations...... I mean who doesn't want to own a pair of Red Soled Heels???  But Christian Louboutin took "Take a walk on the wild side!" to the extreme with this hair raising pair.   

See I actually think the pump is cute... Got a good excuse though for not owning a pair.....can't afford them :)


and whilst we are at it how about another errrrmm hair raising pair.  This one is called the 'puck-fur' bootie.  both the 'Alex' pump and the bootie are part of his Fall/Winter 2011 collection.
What do you guys think??

(photos courtesy of google)

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fashion meets art said...

i like it. i think it's a very funny thing. but i don't know if i would wear it :D

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