Tickled Pink

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Hello my lovlies its a new month, and a special month too in that it is dedicated to breast cancer awareness!!!!  Dedicated to the amazing work being done in the search for a cure, the necessary funding and support for those affected by it.

It is reported that breast cancer is the most common cancer in Britain.  In 2008 alone 48000 people were diagnosed with the disease and it claimed around 12100 lives, however almost two thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today now survive the disease beyond 20 years.  The fight against breast cancer is an on-going process and one of the fundamentals is funding as a lot of money goes into the research.  As a woman take it upon yourself to have regular checks done and also make an effort to contribute to the funding.  There is always a lot of information in the media advertising fund-raising activities.  The next time you come across one get involved!!! you never know whose life you are saving.

Pink has been one of my summer favourites but I think I am going to continue wearing it in Autumn as the richness/brightness of the colour brightens up any outfit.

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