The darker the berry...

The amazing Alek Wek 

Ajuma Nasenyana
Gaye Macdonald

Yours truly *SometimesYouJusGottaBlowYourOwnHorn* 
Nollywood Actress, Genevieve Nnaji
Naomi Simms

I stumbled across an article on Kalenna from 'Dirty Money' and the struggles she encountered on her journey to fullfill her dreams because of her complexion with comments such as "You know, you’re not marketable, you’re a little too brown"
sip-news/hellobeautifulstaff2/dirty-money-kalenna-too-black-for-industry .............. I decided to put together this album of some of the iconic women in the fashion and entertainment industry who have full filled their dreams despite the shade of their skin colour!!This album is dedicated to all the beautiful dark skinned women out there who have had to endure negative remarks about their complexion to the extent of even contemplating using creams etc to bleach their skin... being dark skinned myself i know exactly how that feels... now even though I have used pictures of women who are already in the limelight I know there are thousands of beautiful dark skinned women out there and like the saying goes "beauty is skin deep" be DARK SKINNED and PROUD!! I know I am xx


I take no credit for any images uploaded - i will try my best to source all that i can. Unless otherwise stated, no images are mine.

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